Friday, January 06, 2006

Bill Gates Keynote Download? (Logged in as: wavesmash)

Bill Gates Keynote Download? (Logged in as: wavesmash): "There is a way to download it, although not something the MS people would like me sharing it :-)

But for the love of Vista (and Gate's awesome keynote) here it is:

Download the appropiate ASX file you want (e.g. 300kbps).
Open the file in notepad and copy the 'mms' streaming url address
Use a download accelerator like Flashget (which is what I used, there could be others) and download the mms stream..

You'll need to enter the full url (mms://........file.asx/) in flashget. The 300kbps version was approx 250 megs and since the streaming speeds sucks, this was really helpful to see the 1.5 hr keynote offline."

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