Monday, January 16, 2006

The Killjoys & Reservoir

Link: "After parting ways following the less-than-successful Melos Modos album, The Killjoys faded out of the Canadian music scene in order to follow through on new projects. Most notably, lead guitarist and vocalist Mike Trebilcock wandered into the world of solo musicianship, while baby-faced Shelley Woods performed within numerous local acts. "

I was at the Reservoir Lounge on Friday, taking in The Jake Rude Swing Sextet. It was the first time I went to a jazz bar, and I had a lot of fun, though not quite as much as my tipsier, funner, companions. :) It was a great time though. Even after the gastronomous experience that was the mexican food I had just eaten and which was still talking to me. (Which I'd do again and again.)

My wife and a friend convinced the band to dedicate a song to me for my birthday, when he promptly made fun of my sweater and jumped into it. What I was the most impressed about was the huge demographic spread in the crowd. There were 19-year olds, 30-year olds, and probably 60 year-olds. It was almost like going to a Kiss concert, without the makeup, fire, Gene's attitude, Beth, Detriot Rock City... well maybe more like a jazz bar in New Orleans.

There was one guy who I was trying to figure out during the night - must have been in his 60s - standing at the bar with copies of Scientific American magazine in his hand. Another group of 19-year olds watching tv on a cell phone. It really captured the true spirit of what I think of as jazz. Everyone's doing their own thing; talking, relaxing, and enjoying the music.

Apparently this is the place for music celebs and others to come out and have a good time. We ended up inviting a couple to come sit down next to us, a really nice couple from Hamilton. One of them, in a green fatigue jacket, turned out to be Mike Trebilcock, Juno award-winning singer & guitarist from the band The Killjoys.

He came off fairly distant & quiet (probably because the band was 15 decibels higher than us) until we started talking about guitars. It seems that writing lyrics and playing guitar is his passion. He was animated talking to me about how, as a young child, he wrote down all of the lyrics coming out of his head, and taught himself to play the guitar so he could sing them. It was something he always wanted to do.

Now he teaches guitar to many students in and around Hamilton. We talked about computers, oddly enough, since that's the business I'm in. He treats his music as art, and keeps it free of technology. "Anyone can sound good with a little distortion. I teach acoustic." He's not going to compete with Trent Reznor anytime soon. He prefers to keep his music simple, clean, and powerful.

Apparently they may have a greatest hits album coming out soon....

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