Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Salem, Ontario - a nice place to retire

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Salem, Ontario, Canada, is a community located in the Township of Centre Wellington, north-west of the village of Elora in south-central Ontario. It is home to around 500 residents. Its quiet neighbourhood and peaceful environment makes it a choice place to live.
This small village boasts of a gas station, local convenience store, two bridges over the Irvine River, a school, and even a subdivision. It also has one traffic light, but has more gravel roads than paved ones.
The town was founded before Canada became a nation and has many old stone houses to prove it.
The main controversy surrounded Salem is the new subdivision coming in on William Street, between Water Street and Victoria Street. Salem's only pine forest was cut down to make way for urban development. However, Salem is still a nice, quaint place, and is a must see for nature lovers."

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